The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future

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I write very few reviews, but this book was so utterly underwhelming I felt compelled to save others their time. The key lesson I walked away with is that if this poorly written, superficial, drivel laden book can land on the New York Times Best Seller list than fear not, you can definitely succeed in whatever your dream job may be. I have two main critiques of this book: 1) it dumbs down every idea and concept to such an elementary school level that its incredibly hard to stay interested. I'm no MBA business nerd, far from it, even so it's still cloyingly base and superficial. I love simplicity and clarity, but there's a difference between getting to a point and having no point at all. This falls on the later for 90% of the content. 2) There are sprinkles of keen insights and valuable lessons in here, but you have to work through dozens of vignettes and pop out boxes that were obviously written with about 5 minutes of preparation, because the vast majority you'll be scratching your head to figure out their point. And finally, a point that never ceased to bring my eyes rolling to the top of my head is the author's ridiculously naive interpretation of what people want with the freedom that comes from self-employment. There is an explicit assumption made abundantly clear throughout the book that we all desperately desire to be world-traveling, apple laptop toting, internet marketers. As a person who has traveled internationally the last ten years for work and now has a young family, I am desperate for the exact opposite lifestyle he purports I should want.

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I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading "The $100 Startup," but I found myself much more excited about turning an idea into a functioning business the farther into the pages I went. The ideas are "real world," and over other business related books I have read, this one made it not only seem possible, but much easier. It's doesn't have to be an overthought $1 million dollar idea based on a large initial investment. Much more focused on using current skill sets and marketing intellectual property rather than coming up with the latest and greatest widget, which is where most soon-to-be entrepreneurs will draw from. Well written, and diverse examples and suggestions for multiple avenues to success. Great read!

-by anonymous users from Goodreads