How to Teach Yourself Code

Hi, guys. The reason I wanna share my entrepreneurial journey is that everyone should believe in yourself and your dreams. A little bit about me, I started my 1st startup which was 'Uber for food' app 3 years ago. We failed.2nd one was AR dating app. It didn't work out either. After 2 years and 2 big failures, my two technical co-founders decided to leave the team. I totally understand how hard running a startup is and everyone needs income to pay bills. So I throw a farewell party for them. We shut the second company down.

I majored music composing in college and know nothing about coding. There were two ways for me to go if I would like to: I could find another technical co-founder or I train myself to a coder.It was very tough time for me. However, I know I am a freaking hustler. I believe I can achieve anything I want. I chose to learn to code by myself. After a week research about how to learn code effectively. I made a learning plan.

teach yourself code

This is my learning path: 09/2017, I started to learn Python. All basic knowledge of Python. There are many great tutorial videos on youtube.If you want to read books. I recommend starting with "A Smarter Way to Learn Python: Learn it faster. Remember it longer." "The reason I picked it was that Python is very popular and easy-understand.

teach myself code

10/2017, I started to learn Django. For me, I don't wanna be an engineer. My goal is to be an entrepreneur who can make MVP. So choosing a framework definitely can speed up your process of building MVP. I found many great tutorials on Udemy and Youtube.

11/2017, I launched my first self-made web which is language learning platform. I learned to push a web to production mode, bugs monitoring, ASW S3, Heroku etc.

Lucky me, the web got 3000/monthly active users at 12/2017. People liked it. I didn't stop there, I learned algorithms in Python 01/2018 because I know if I want my code to be more efficient, I need the knowledge. 02/2018, started learning Javascript and Jquery which can make the better user experience.

After gathering 3 months data of the web, I started to seek external investors and funding. I got the traction. However, there was a crucial problem in the business model. It's hard to make money unless we put annoying ads on the web. All services on the web are 100% free. So I was trying to pivot a better way. After couple months of pivoting, I know it is time to let it go.

YES. I failed again. But this time, I made the MVP by myself. I got traction with $0 expense on marketing. Language learners liked it. I made it. Now, I am an entrepreneur and coder. This is my journey. You can make it if you want.

Recently, I am planning to start my next company, a comparison shopping engine. For example, you want to buy a book about the startup, you search in this web, it will give you top 10 list of books on startup based on customers feedback, satisfaction, reviews, price etc. In order to make this product, I am learning web crawler, sort algorithms, and some deep learning. Happy coding & learning.

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