How to Make $5000 Per Month Online as a Part-Time Job

How I make $5000 per month online as a part-time job

Everyone loves money. I always seek a better way to make more money with less time. 2 years ago, my friend made $100,000 as a blogger. It blew my mind because I never thought that making money online is real. Since last year, I started learning how to make money online as a blogger and made some money. So I would share some experience with you.

1. Find your interests

Everyone is different and unique so find what your interests and write about it. I love reading books and learning new things, so my blog mainly about learning and books. What's your passion?

2. Find your role model and learn from them

I have been reading books and studying successful cases since last year. Everyone makes mistakes but you don't make same mistakes. So read books and blogs from your role model. I highly recommend "How To Make Money Blogging: How I Replaced My Day Job With My Blog". The author Bob share many great tips about setting up a blog, driving traffic to your website, blog SEO, and useful tools. If you are interested in, you can check it here.

3. Don't put ads on your blog

I know many bloggers make money by putting Google ads on their sites. Don't do it. Putting too many ads only can distract user's experience. Don't care about small money. You need more audience first then some companies will find and sponsor you. You need to get people's attention first. Be patient. That's how you make big money not ads.

Okay,you know the 3 tips now. Good luck.

Updated a month ago