How Blockchain Improve Language Learning

How Can Blockchain Improve Language Learning

Nowadays,Bitcoin and Blockchain are hot topics. I wanna share an idea of Dapp(Decentralized App) with you guys. In the past couple of years, I have been practicing a foreign language with my language partner via Skype. But I found two major pain points of language exchange.

If you are new to Blockchain, I would recommend you to read "Blockchain Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction in 25 Steps" . If you are not a tech person, read it. This book is simple and easy to understand.Enjoy it.

First, language learners don't have long-term motivation. After first couple months, most of them will lose interest because learning a language is really hard.

Second, the process of language exchanging is efficient. There is no systematic syllabus for language learners. Sometimes, I don't know how to teach him even though it is my native language.

So I think Dapp might solve these problems.This is my idea. First, we can develop a new token when this web launches. All language learners spend 20 coins for each lesson they book, earn 20 coins for each lesson they host. The more you teach, the more coins you gain. This is coins can exchange to the token. So we can have a money-driven for all learners.This coin system can make sure everyone is contributing to the platform.

Second, we can contribute language learning material. Learners can upvote the great content, downvote bad ones. The more upvote you gain, the more token you gain. These coin rewards can motivate users post and generate more and more great educational material.

It's my little thoughts. Please let me know what you think.

Update 3 weeks ago